Where Have I Been? Updates and Announcements!

If you’re reading this: Happy New Year and I’m sorry.

I’m sorry that I have been silent. I’m sorry that I haven’t updated this site in almost 18 months. However, I guess it’s time for me to say where I have been.

I have been in the middle of the worst creative slump that I have been in since my first love broke my heart in high school. If you known how old I am, then you would realize that it was a long time ago. I, personally, did not want to do anything. I did not want to work. I did not want to create. I did not want to be. Why? Well, that question is really hard to answer. (So, yeah, please excuse the grammatical errors in advance; however, I’m free writing so you all can understand how my brain works.)

I really don’t know where to begin.

I was doing good. I thought I was healing but at the end of the day, I was know where near the point of “healed” that I am now. I am sad every day. Or at least most days. My internal monologue consist of one part of my brain, the overachiever, wanting me to do all of the things and the other side, the brokenhearted girl, to do nothing but allow the world to swallow me whole. It is a constant struggle. My muggle job doesn’t make this any easier.

It just seems like my life is in a constant state of grief. I’m a constantly grieving something. However, I am working extremely hard to change that. So, here we are.

I have been gone because my mental health and financial situation told me to sit down and shut up. It told me to re-assess. It told me that I shall seen happiness on my own terms. So, again, here we are.

I have never been the best at social media. My philosophy on it has been totally off. I used to think that if I didn’t have projects to share or anything like that, been be quiet. However, due to the nature of society, I need to be more vocal and share more often. I have a platform, might as well use it, right? So, that is what will be happening. You will see more think pieces, more opinion pieces, more “observations of geekdom” pieces and even more mental health pieces. The last one is even more important due to the fact that I believe that if my healing journey can help someone, then it’s good. I want my light to shine as bright as what people claim that it does.

Also, I am adding product reviews and tutorials, or should I call them more “trial and error” post once the projects are done. Only because I have found that the tutorials online aren’t that great. At least in my humble opinion. Plus, none on the people look like me, ie black and plus sized.

Another thing that I hope to develop, plan in the future is a good podcast with women of great opinions and stories. Over the next month or so, this website will be overhauled with a new background and logos. I’m so excited about that. Let’s create all of the content in 2019!

Yeah, that’s is what I have been going through. Again, please excuse the randomness, my brain is this jumbled in real life. Shoulder shrug emoji.

Be great and see you on the socials and at Katsucon!