Watch it or Skip it....

Ok, what is "Watch it or Skip it"?

Watch it or Skip it will be a series where I watch the first three episodes of new anime that is airing during that current season. It will short sweet and to the point. Meaning I will finish watching it to the end or I will skip it. i am a firm believer that a series can win me over or lose me completely after the first three episodes (hey, I'm trying to be fair).

Since that is explain, here we go.

Clean Freak! Aoyama-kun

So this show... What can I say about this show other than the fact that so far, I like it. Some background: I am not a sports anime chick, but I love comedy animes. 

The show is about a star high school soccer play named Aoyama who has a trait about him that makes him special: he's a germaphobe. Now I know you're wondering "isn't soccer a contact/dirty sport? How is he managing, Cake?" Well, this is the part were I will tell you to go and watch it. It full of high-jinks between himself, his teammates, and characters from other teams. 

There are some common tropes that are in the show; however, you will always find tropes in all types of anime. The true questions are these: are they done correctly and do they make sense. To answer that, so far, yes. It's a slice of life, sports comedy that so far, has most of my attention. 

With that being said, I will watch it and give a full extensive review once the show is done.

What new series shout I check out next between life and cosplay? Let's talk about.