October in Review: Photo Dump and Announcements!


October is slowly steaming out and November is about to roll around and my favorite family get together holidays is right around the corner, Thanksgiving. Since I was way to lazy and still on vacation mood and forgot to write my thoughts on New York Comic Con in a timely manner, I figured why not talk about my vacation and big upcoming things that are coming up soon.  Or I should call this a glorified photo dump.

New York

My travel buddy on the bus ride to hell.

My travel buddy on the bus ride to hell.

So let's just say this: don't be a dick to a bus driver while he is trying to get us where we are trying to go. No, really, I need y'all folks to know to not do that because it can and will get ugly.  With that being said: New York was so great. The people, the shops, the atmosphere, the random conversations with my people, just amazing.

Let's start with this bookstore (goodness, I wished that I remembered the name) that if you are into Asian culture, manga, and anime, this place would be for you. It has everything! Even a lovely cafe withe matcha flavored goodies and bento boxes. Like I went full on tourist in that bookstore and I did not care. However, my favorite place that I visited was the Fashion District. 

The Fashion District is like a cosplayer's dream. All this different types of fabrics and notions are right within your finger tips, if you can pay the price for some of those things. My favorite place of them all is Mood. As a person who watched Project Runway growing up with my mom, who sewed in her spare time, we would watch and say "man, if I could go there, I would get so much fabric". Well, all I could do was just window shop at best; however, it was the best fabric window shopping experience that I have had in a while. Plus, when the store has a doggo, it makes life better anyway. 

In all honesty, the best part of my vacation trip was definitely what I came there for: New York Comic Con. All the sounds and a booths and the cosplay. I absolutely loved all of the cosplay that was there. Of course I really did not take a whole lot of pictures but the pictures that I do have are worth it (like I could have burnt through my memory card and would have have some many pictures in my iCloud that it would have been maddening).  

Here is just a small sample of what I saw cosplay wise:

However, the booths made me wish that I had some real money (like maybe 1 to 2 grand) to spend on a lot of the figures and exclusives that were available. A point that I will get to latter. The floor was wall to wall bodies but it was a rush. My goodness the figures. 

I mean, you should get the point. I had fun on vacation. It was good and refreshing and what I needed to do the things. I will finish my photo dump in the "Images" section. 

Btw: I will be doing a podcast starting in November. When the date comes closer, I will add an RSS feed and where you can find us. The team is myself, Kurenai Kiba, and Date. It's pretty much us being us: black and nerdy. The "Anime Boobies" panel will be making a return at Kastucon 2018! Please email will clip suggestions and yes, I am accepting NSFW content.

Until next time!

Con in Review: Otakon 2017


OMG, I am finally settled enough to finally sit down and talk about Otakon. I had such a blast at the con but I feel like I need to break it down per day because different things happened that made this con good for me and the people that I roomed with.

Day 0-Thursday

Check in at the Residence Inn on Vermont Av NW was smooth as butter. The staff was extremely friendly and was always willing to help to us out. It was dope that there was a CVS and other small convenience stores that we could go to just to grab a snack that was in the same area of the hotel. Where we was staying at, it was approximately a 10-15 minute walk to the convention center.  While attempting to discover the area, we ran into a great Asian restaurants that had a great happy hour. 

I will say that the process of getting our badges was super smooth. The only downside was that the press badge station was not available at the time when I was attempting to get the panelist badge. 

Day 1-Friday

Getting used to the new home of Otakon was slightly odd. When it was in Baltimore, the energy of the building out could feel. You could feel the excitement and buzz. This new building was so spacious that I was relaxed....and that was ok. I really did not mind the new area and in reality, the move was needed. 

However, the building was so cold. Like they had the air on Arctic.  I attempted to just chill around the dealers' room and try to keep my eye on things that I wanted to purchase later, but I just brought a Kigu and stayed warm for the rest of the con.

I even assisted in Doomtastic's Dressforms for Dummies workshop which is always a good time. Go check out their content!

Day 2-Saturday

This was the morning that I had to bring my Homura to Hall Contest that Otakon was having. I had to explain everything. I mean EVERYTHING! I had no idea that cosplay contest could be so demanding. Me and my partner in crime did not win; however, if I had the opportunity to do it again, I would only because I know what to expect and what the requirements are. Let's get to the good part: the panel.


This was the room #ipackroomsdawg

This was the room #ipackroomsdawg

The energy of that panel was amaze-balls! I love it when I can make folks laugh, educate them, and leave them wanting more. I can't wait rebuild Anime Boobies with Kurenai Kiba for 2018 con season. Be on the look out for more physics and phuckery!

Day 3-Sunday

The Utena photoshoot that I helped co-host with Date Masamune on Sunday was easy and breezy. It was a ton of fun. Thank you for everyone that came out to participate in it. You guys were amazing.

Overall, this was the chillest Otakon that I have had the pleasure of attending. There were no major hiccups with panel rooms or staff not be available/helpful (unlike another con that I participated in).  This was a great con for me. 

So what next for me. I will be attending Baltimore Comic Con in September then New York Comic Con in October. After that it will be full speed ahead on working on cosplays for Con season 2018!

So what did you think of Otakon? Was the move worth it? Will you be attending next year? Comment and let's talk!